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Justin's Constitution Page for the Little Kids

Answer Key
Home Page
Bye Bye!
A list of all the rights included on the Bill of Rights.
All of the other right that weren't included on the Bill of Rights
If you are confused in how our government works click here!
Triva Game
Answer Key
Quick and Interesting Facts on the Constitution

Lets See How wel you did


0 wrong= Genius
1-2 wrong= brilliant child
3-4 wrong= you are a smart kid
5-6 wrong= well you did okay
7-8 wrong= you got a lot wrong
9-12= might want to read the info again!


Question 1: A

Question 2: A

Question 3: D

Question 4: C

Question 5: C

Question 6: D

Question 7: B

Question 8: A

Question 9: D

Question 10: E

Bonus 1: Justin

Bonus 2: Thomas Jefferson

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