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Government Confusion?

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Are you confused about your government well you have come to the right place!

If you are confused about the government it is okay. When my teacher taught me about our government I was really confused.

Now the government is broken up into three groups, or brances, these branches are called the Legislative Branch, the Executive Branch, and the Judicial Branch.

First I am going to teach you about the Legislative Branch. Just like the govenment itself, the Legislative Branch breaks up into groups, they are called the House of Represenatives and the Senate. Even though these two groups belong to the same branch they have different goals and powers.

The Senate's members are actually all Senators, so there are 100 members in the Senate (2 Senators per state). Now there are age qualifacations to be able to join the Senate, in other words you have to be 30 years old in order to join the Senate. There is also a certain amount of time you can be a member of the Senate. You can only be a member of the Senate for 6 years and after that you can never be a member again!

Now the Senate has some very important powers. First of all they can bring all impeachments to court. An inpeachment is when the House of Represenatives vote to put the President out of power, but we well talk about that later. The Senate also can approve all presendental appointments. And the Senate approves all treaties from around the world.

The House of Represenatives has 435 members that have to be 25 year old or older. And each member can only serve a two year term but they can be realected, which means they can become a member again.

As you know the House of Represenatives have the power to impeach, which again means to have a vote that can fire the President. But having an inpeachment isnt so simple. First 2/3 of the House of Represenatives have to agree that the President should be fired, that is 75%! Also if 2/3 of the House of Represenatives do agree that the President should be fired then there has to be an impeachment trial. Then if in the end of the impeachment trial the Judge agrees that the President should be impeached then he will be fired.

The House of Represenatives also has the power to propose taxes, which means that they can make your parents pay money to the government.

There are powers that both the Senate and the House of Represenatives posess, when both groups come togther to use there powers they form a group called Congress.

Congress has some of the most important jobs and powers. Congress can declare war, make laws, propose amendments (rights), and if 2/3 of Congress agree then a Presdents veto can be overrided.

I bet you are thinking "What the heck is a veto?!?!?!" Well a veto is when a Presedent doesn't agree with a law that Congress made. But if Congress overrides a veto then the law is still put into power even though the President didn't want that law.

Now I am going to teach you about the Executive Branch. As you know the Legislative Branch makes the laws, but the Executive Branch enforces them. The members of the Executive Branch are very important people. These people are the President (who serves a 4 year term), the Vice Presedent, and the cabinet members.

In order to be a member of the Executive Branch you must be 35 years old.

The Executive Branch has a lot of powers. They can make forigen treaties, choose and approve judges and members of the Senate, and the President is Commander and Chief of the Military. The Executive Branch Also have the power to nominate public officals, like ministers for example.

And last but not least we have the Judical Branch. The Judical Branch is really made up of the Supreme and Federal Courts. Members of the Judical Branch are called Judges. A Judge can be a member of the Judical Branch for his/her whole life unless he/she conducts bad behavior.

The Judical Branch has the power to settle disputes between two people or two states. But the Supreme Court is the only court that can settle National disputes. And ,of course, the Judical Branch runs all impeachment trials.